South Hills Music Public Service Announcement – How Many Guitars?

Feb 15, 2023

Sure, some people might think it’s excessive to own five, ten, or even twenty guitars. But to those people I say, “what do you know about real musical expression?”

Why limit yourself to the same sound and style when you can have a whole arsenal of instruments at your disposal? A Strat for when you’re feeling bluesy, a Les Paul for when you want to rock out, and a 12-string acoustic for those introspective folk moments. And don’t forget the bass guitars, the ukuleles, and the mandolins – because who knows when you might need to switch things up on stage?

Sure, some might argue that owning multiple guitars is a waste of money and space. But those people clearly don’t understand the true value of a well-stocked guitar collection. Besides, who needs to pay rent when you can sleep on a bed made of guitar cases?

So go ahead, musicians. Buy as many guitars as you can afford (and maybe a few you can’t). Who cares if you can only play one at a time? The important thing is that you look cool doing it. And if anyone asks, just tell them you need each and every one of those guitars for “artistic purposes.” They’ll understand.

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