Music Instruments Equipment & Accessories

South Hills Music of Pittsburgh has a large selection of guitars, basses, amps, drums, and school instruments.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for you can purchase exactly what you need through our special orders. South Hills Music of Pittsburgh carries a full line of accessories including strings, drum sticks, reeds, tuners, music books, and metronomes….just to name a few.

Our services also include guitar and bass set-ups, guitar and bass repairs and repairs for all brass and woodwind instruments. With over 70 combined years of repair experience, we can refurbish an old instrument into its original condition.

Do you know that other stores may sell you a guitar right out of the box? Before we sell the guitar to you we change the bulk strings, adjust the neck, and set the intunation. This custom set-up (a $50.00 value) is at no additional charge to you. We will be happy to repair, adjust, or upgrade any musical instrument or simply sell you the supplies to do it yourself.

Guitars / Basses

  • We offer a variety of quality new guitars and basses at great prices. Before any guitar or bass is sold, we do a custom check and set-up of each instrument at no additional cost to you. This alone can enhance the value of the guitar or bass by $50.00!
  • Stocked brands include: Aria USA, Axl, Cort, D’Angelico, Dillion Guitars, Johnson and Takamine.
  • South Hills Music offers quality guitars at a price that any professional or aspiring musician can afford.


  • South Hills Music carries Peace drum kits and a full line of accessories.
  • Our kits include crash/ride cymbals as well as a hi-hat at no additional charge.

School Instruments

  • We carry new and used “band” instruments such as trumpets, clarinets, violins, flutes and saxophones just to name a few.
  • Brand names include E.M. Winston, Palatino, Rico and Van Doren.
  • Special orders are always available upon your request with free shipping included in the price!
  • South Hills Music of Pittsburgh also offers a “Rent to Buy” program for school students (K though 12th grades) with a four month trial period for as low as $18.95.

In Store Specials

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