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We offer quality new and pre-owned acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars at great prices!

Did you ever play a guitar right out of the box and it just doesn’t feel right?

Did you know that music stores and centers are NEVER supposed to sell a customer a guitar right out of the box but they do anyway? When a guitar arrives in a box, it still has plastic over the pick guard and back plate, plastic on the back of the tuning gears, and cheap bulk strings that are on there to only keep tension on the neck when it is being shipped. In other words, if you buy a guitar off of an internet site, discount magazine, or a discount center, your guitar is not ready to be played. When you do play the guitar right out of the box, the guitar will not respond properly and it won’t be as much fun to play as it should be.

Guitar companies give the responsibility of making sure the strings are changed, the neck is adjusted, the plastic is removed, and the guitar is intonated to the store that is selling it. This insures that the customer will have a new guitar that feels great and plays properly.

At South Hills Music, every guitar in the store has had a full professional setup before it is sold.

All pre-shipping plastic is removed, strings are changed, neck and bridge are adjusted and the guitar is intonated. This insures that you will get the best possible playing guitar that your money can buy. The best part about it, it is absolutely FREE!

You also get life time neck adjustments on any guitar you buy from us FREE of charge.

In addition to new guitars, we also offer quality pre-owned guitars. Pre-owned guitars are also given a full setup and are inspected to make sure they play like a brand new instrument.

If you have a guitar and are interested in selling or trading it in, we would be more than happy to check out what you have. At the very least, South Hills Music will give you a free appraisal to let you know exactly what you have and what it is worth.

Have An Old Guitar?

Got an old guitar just sitting there collecting dust? Bring it in, we would love to see what you have.


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